Conference Themes

Each IFIP TC3 Working Group (WG) has identified key themes within the overall conference title. These are:

1) Stakeholders in ICT and informatics in school education: linking formal and informal education

Informatics and digital technologies in school education (WG3.1) is focused on early childhood and school education, including related informal learning contexts, informatics education and digital literacy, the integration of digital technologies in education, the professional development of teachers, and the provision of pre-service and in-service teacher education to enable educators to use and contribute to the development of digital educational resources, including professional learning networks.

2) Stakeholders in information technology in education: exploring implications of computer science education and researching transformation

Research into educational applications of information technology (WG3.3) is focused on identifying issues and priorities for research across the wide range of educational applications of information technology. Its current priority areas include, but are not restricted to: digital pedagogy, computers in the curriculum, mobile and ubiquitous learning, assessing digital technology skills, and frameworks for computers in schools.

3) Stakeholders in information technology in education:  preparing a new generation of computer professionals

Professional and Vocational Education in ICT (WG3.4) is focused on the acquisition and updating of appropriate ICT knowledge and expertise by all whose working environment requires professional contact with computer-based systems, the nature, content and method of delivery of professional and vocational education within the ICT sector, which will enable learners to achieve their employment expectations, the effective use of ICT as a medium for the delivery of professional and vocational education, and the activities of ICT professional bodies concerning the professional development and certification of their members.

4) Stakeholders in information technology in educational management: strategic use and professional development

ITEM – Information Technology in Educational Management (WG 3.7) is focused on how information technology is being developed and used to support educational management (in the primary, secondary, further, vocational, higher and training sectors of education). ITEM conferences have occurred regularly every other year since 1994. The next edition – the 12th – will occur in 2016.